Thursday, January 23, 2014

....But then there was LOVE

I must admit, like one of the men said in the video clip, I, too, believed this story must be fiction.

In case you are too inpatient (like I am sometimes) to read the article that I posted above, it is about a woman who died in her home watching television and was not discovered until THREE years later watching the SAME television station. No one seemed to have reported her missing, no one seemed to even realize she was dead.

Many people asked during this clip: 'how does an attractive, popular, successful woman die and no one notices?' 'How does a woman like this, with so much going for her, die alone?'

More importantly, I wondered about her soul.... was she lost, was she hurting....did she know Jesus?

Her story brought up many emotions for me. I work in Mental Health by day and spend much of my time listening to the stories of others, the agony, loneliness, and heartache. The people who I come into contact with everyday want to feel needed, desired, attended to, and/or loved.

The Bible speaks to the lonely heart, to the lost soul:

Isaiah 41:10 directs us to, "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand".

Sometimes, it gets so challenging to wake up every morning knowing you may not know where your child is, you may wonder if anyone is listening to your concerns, you may feel as if no one cares about your well-being, or you desperately desire a spouse to make you feel complete.

God knows these things because He knows your hurts, and He desires that we cast all our cares upon Him. He will uplift you, and hold you firmly in His hands. We must submit to the Lord, and give Him these issues of our heart.

The Bible speaks to the hurting:

1 Peter 5:7 speaks, "Give all your worries to God, for He cares about you".

We don't always have the answers to our problems. There are great days when things seem to go right: we made the perfect pot of coffee, we drove through every green light on our way to work, we got everything on our task list completed, and dinner didn't burn. However, there are some mornings where we automatically wake up on the proverbial 'wrong side of the bed'. We wonder if today will be the day my boss fires me, did my child make it to school at all, or is my relationship (with the person who really loves me) over?

What does one do when their lives are being tested, when they feel unappreciated, when their daily struggles go unnoticed? the famous words of the late Whitney Houston, "where do broken hearts go"?

To Jesus.....

Trust that God knows each and every situation that we are going through and He wants us to run to Him. Rather than sitting around worrying about  every little thing we cannot fix, give it to the Lord. Rather than become so consumed that we won't get everything done, turn it over to the Lord. Instead of feeling lonely, sorry for ourselves, and unloved, focus on Jesus, who was sent because He loves you.

We don't have to die alone on our couches watching Showtime like the shocking story from the beginning of this blog. We can find peace in knowing that there is a love so great and so amazing that we can call upon at anytime and trust that He is listening....

So, after we buzz around town all afternoon, make a few mistakes, sit in front of our televisions, and get that sudden urge in the pits of our stomachs to sulk or complain about how our lives could be better, remember His love and lean on Him.

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